Fullers Rd

The following excerpt is from a local resident’s communication:
From my observations and discussions with residents, the new Fullers Road arrangements are working very well. And even traffic up the hill seems to be calmer!
Again I suggest we offer thanks to all concerned; Council, RMS , Councillors.local member etc.
After over 20 years it’s great to see a result.”
Please see details in the comment below that provides an alternative view to the one above. The comment also includes an interesting perspective  interesting fixed speed cameras.

6 thoughts on “Fullers Rd

  1. Posted on behalf of a local resident:

    This is a quick note to let you know that I have taken from the Centre for Road Safety Crash Analysis Report 2011, all of the Sydney Metropolitan Area Speed Cameras, with their dates of installation, and the crash criteria justifying them.

    The last speed camera installed (apart from the Tunnels) was in 2006, at Bexley North. It would seem that NO speed cameras were installed between 2006 and 2011, and I suspect NONE since 2011. There would appear to be a total embargo on any new speed camera installation.

    It would seem that all of the RMS – Centre for Road Safety “consideration” was a sham, and that speed cameras were never on the table. In addition Fullers Road has more crashes than 14 other locations where speed cameras are installed. I will send you the detailed analysis if you wish.

    I am currently awaiting the delivery of the GIPA request on RMS lodged on 21st Nov 2013 – they have delayed it 10 days over the limit already and have now asked me for a further extension until 24th Jan. When I get that I will go to press on my web site.

    Yes the narrowing seems to be working – with about half of the normal traffic. Wait until end of Jan when the kids are back at school. Have a look at numbers 66,68A, and 68 residences – they have only about 20 metres of clear sight when getting out of their drives, and the new alignment does not give them the free space which the old lines allowed. My prediction is a bad accident there.

    RMS have shifted the risk from illegal speeding motorists to innocent residents who still have to back out of their drives into double intensity traffic. As RMS have said – its responsibility is to the 20,000 motorists who transit Fullers Road each day – and no one else.

    Terry, when the next gridlock occurs, I will be there with a bigger better sign, and if you want to take my photo again, I will make sure my hair is properly combed. RMS has started its trial. I am just waiting for it to fall on its face.

  2. Whilst I agree that the recent changes to lane markings work well for motor vehicles, I think that it is worse for cyclists wishing to travel downhill on the road.

    Turning into Fullers from the Pacific Highway, after a short distance, there is now only one lane and a cyclist would need to merge into the vehicular traffic stream.

    Also turning left [downhill] from Park Avenue, there is only one lane and a cyclist would need to wait for a large gap in the traffic before entering.

    Previously there was always a second lane or a wide shoulder for the full length of Fullers from the highway to where Millwood starts [at Chatswood brake and Clutch].

    So it is not ALL good news. Some cycling advocates would no doubt express their views more vehemently.

    However, I accept the practicality of compromise.

  3. On Fullers Road, all the changes seem to be working well with traffic in both directions seemingly a lot calmer. The one west lane with turning bays is working well and a lot safer. It’d be good to have this made permanent.

  4. A bit of feedback on the top part of Fullers road. The stretch from View St to Edgar St I see from my office and as far as I am concerned its big success with much calmer traffic and NO incidents at Anglo St (not even a screech of brakes) whereas previously you could count on an accident about every ten days on average. Parents attending the kindergarten have commented how much safer it is turning into as well as out of Anglo St.

  5. since the new scheme came in to effect I can no longer safely turn into my driveway coming down the hill at busy traffic times and have to take a long roundabout way through Edgar Street.

    I have not noticed a slowing in traffic going down the hill and certainly not in traffic coming up the hill .

    What I have noticed is a large increase in noise from horns as motorists fail to give way at the merge and from road rage honking from motorists who blow their horns at other motorists who try to travel at 50 kph late at night and early in the morning. A lot of the noise from horns is also coming from the large trucks which are servicing construction sites in Chatswood and regularly blowing their dry loud air horns. It might be a good idea to suggest to the police that they enforce noise rules from horns, modified exhausts, air brakes and stereo systems.

    Turning right from Edgar Street into Fullers has been made more difficult and dangerous because of the new right turn lane from Fullers Rd

  6. Sorry to disagree with you. NO “RMS speed analysis is currently being undertaking” only a traffic count at Davies.

    Also the first accident has happened after the resurfacing and line marking, when a car went round the curve above my house going East and hit a power pole,with only damaging the car. He called the tow truck. Police were not summoned. ( DAM )

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