Greenlands Rd

Clr. Saville has advised that Council has engaged a consultant to review the traffic impacts of the Mowbray Road / Beaconsfield traffic signals and also to review the traffic study prepared for Lane Cove Council dealing with traffic impacts of the rezoning activity on the Lane Cove side of Mowbray Road.  The consultants review will be completed in mid to late March 2014 after which it is proposed to report to Council on recommended measures.  Following that it is likely that we would be consulting widely with the community in regard to a package of works on Mowbray Road and adjoining side streets.


One thought on “Greenlands Rd

  1. Originally, I thought traffic lights at Beaconsfield Road were a good idea but the traffic hassles have quickly flown all the way back to Greenlands Road, Lane Cove North – Not only with lots of traffic on Mowbray Road, but traffic in Greenlands Roads increasing greatly in peak hour due to people using Coolaroo etc as a rat run. Perhaps a roundabout would have been a better option at Beaconsfield as it would not have caused the Mowbray Road traffic to come to a standstill for the (relatively) small number of cars wishing to turn in or out of Beaconsfield Road. I don’t have a skill-set to solve this – is there a way to fix this issue? This is only going to get worse as thousands of people exit their new Mowbray Precinct units in the not too distant future … When will the changes to Centennial Ave (Lane Cove North) lights occur? I head about lane changes and new turning lights from Mowbray into Centennial Ave …

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