Kenneth Slessor Park – Final Landscape Plans

Below are the  final proposals for Kenneth Slessor Park. Full details of the plans.

All paths will be replaced with new paths of a more consistent grade and surface that is non-slip. A new handrail will also be installed. Increased seating opportunities, both informal and formal have been included with added benches and picnic tables replacing the existing furniture on site. The installation of sun lounges will allow users to lie beneath the shade of the existing trees Additional bin enclosures within the park will
cater for the increase in demand, whilst a water fountain will also be installed

The park will be re-graded with some small retaining walls built to form flatter turf areas,
making the entire site more usable Selective tree removal and pruning will open up the park and regain hidden views, re-establishing views toward the Blue Mountains

Existing poles are to be removed and a lighting design for the park completed that will allow accessibility at night and provide better security for its users. Proposed lights shown are indicative The lower end of the park is the safest location for a play space, and can be easily accessed by the nearby school and local residents. The area will include an embankment slide, spinner and flat turfed area for active play. A picnic table will be installed to give parents a place to sit and monitor their children. Additional equipment
may be included as necessary

Self seeding Pittosporums will be removed from the middle section to open up and allow for greater views through the area. A Camphor laurel of deteriorating health will also be
removed. All existing trees are to be pruned on the underside and trimmed to shape

The natural feel of the park is to be maintained. Flatter areas of turf will create a more
functional space and will encourage other user groups into the park.
Dense planting will line the southern boundary of the site and will assist in screening
the adjacent buildings and enclose the park as a green space. Access to the park from these properties will remain for residents The embankment at the lower end of the park
will be planted out with groundcovers and these will also border the path moving through the site

Some suitable references to the parks namesake Kenneth Slessor and his poetry will be included as part of the constructed works.


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