Street Parking Strategy

double parking

On behalf of the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations, in relation to tonight’s Item 21.1 Street Parking Strategy we would like to proffer the following comments. We trust that you will give our comments due consideration.
  1. We have been given just 4 days to comment on this ‘Strategy’. That is unreasonable.There was a Transport Committee meeting last week with a skinny agenda. This report could/should have gone to that Committee first. Defer further consideration of the Report until answers to issues below have been tabled.
  2. The initial 2010 motion was clear in its intent – “the use of the City’s streets and car parks”. The strategy was required to cover more than just street parking. The Street Parking Strategy needs to be incorporated into a holistic Parking Strategy before exhibition.
  3. Whilst the suggestion to hypothecate is admirable, the reality is unlikely a lot different. When parking meters were first introduced into the city, a revenue earned was to be hypothecated to public transport. This never happened. Monies raised went into general revenue and more recently into specific projects (not transport related). The method of how revenue will be hypothecated needs to be shown and guaranteed.
  4. Most residents do not want parking meters in their street. The suggestion to investigate on-line production of permits is innovative and would address this concern. Such systems work flawlessly for event ticketing. Defer until production of online  parking tickets can be verified.
  5. The current Draft Residential Permit Parking Scheme allows for 2 permits per household. The proposal with this strategy is to provide 3 permits (contrary to the RMS Policy). We need to see guaranteed support from the RMS on this suggestion.
  6. One of the biggest concerns is that the introduction of long-term paid parking in residential streets as proposed would have a follow-on effect. This could see long stay commuter parking up to or more than 30 minutes walking from destinations (in other LGAs a 30 minute walk ‘free park” is already a reality). This distance from destination could be even longer where there is a regular bus service. Details are required on future plans for the extent of Residential Permit Parking areas.

6 thoughts on “Street Parking Strategy

  1. Clr. Saville: I thank former Councillor Fogarty for his correspondence. I would like to move deferral of this matter until the issues raised have been addressed

    I have been approached by a number of residents who do not want parking metres in residential streets

  2. Clr. Hooper: We had a Councillor Workshop on this matter but obviously the public were not advertised of it so, I will move a motion of deferral until the next Council meeting so as to give time for public discussion.

  3. Clr.Angelo Rosos: I agree with the deferral.

    I have read the parking strategy and attended the workshop and thank the officers for their efforts.

    I wish to advise that I will be moving the following amendment to the draft street parking strategy.

    Delete the following “Extend ticket parking restrictions into evenings/night to support night-time economies for the Chatswood Town centre/cbd ”

    After much consideration, I do not support introducing metre/ticket parking after 6pm into the Chatswood CBD and surronding streets. I believe it will have a detrimental effect on local restaurants and businesses.

  4. Clr. Saville (after Council Meeting where motion to defer was defeated): It is going on Public exhibition during which time the community can make comment.

    Along with residents who have spoken with me, I do not want metres in our residential streets

    The council officers wanted to get the street parking strategy on display ASAP. It is regrettable that the draft did not go to the committee beforehand

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