Fullers Rd Speed Camera

With great assistance from a local resident we have now confirmed that NO stand-alone fixed speed cameras have been installed in NSW since 2006 to December 2013. There is only one in consideration and that is in the country.

It has also been found that a decision was made that no further consideration of a Fixed Speed Camera would be made (29th. August 2013). RMS has been kidding us along.

The resident is continuing to battle with RMS and NCAT.

This might be another issue to ask the candidates if they support a speed camera on Fullers Rd (and how the see it being achieved)


One thought on “Fullers Rd Speed Camera

  1. I note with interest in the North Shore Times that Chatswood has been identified as one of the worst suburbs for common road accidents. We live on Millwood Avenue with a truckload of traffic on a single lane road. Speed is the biggest issue putting aside the fact that this single lane road is completely unsuitable for the traffic volume. So far this year we have had a vehicle flip on its roof, a car run up the footpath into a fence and yesterday whilst I was at the bus stop a nose to tail. The RMS have been aware of these issues for years. The zone is clearly marked 50 km however there would be very few vehicles who stick to the limit heading down towards the Lane Cove river bridge.

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