Update on Greenlands Rd

Previously, Clr. Saville had advised that Council has engaged a consultant to review the traffic impacts of the Mowbray Road / Beaconsfield traffic signals and also to review the traffic study prepared for Lane Cove Council dealing with traffic impacts of the rezoning activity on the Lane Cove side of Mowbray Road.  The consultants review will be completed in mid to late March 2014 after which it is proposed to report to Council on recommended measures.  Following that it is likely that we would be consulting widely with the community in regard to a package of works on Mowbray Road and adjoining side streets.

On 17 March Clr Saville apologies that “I have been unable to organise a meeting with the consultant as yet as hoped re the developments along Mowbray and increasing traffic volumes on residential streets in West Ward including Greenlands, Coolaroo etc According to the GM council staff are working with the consultant to arrange a date for an appropriate meeting to which a general invite will be sent to all affected areas. When council has  some options they will let us know.

Our thanks go to Clr. Saville for keeping the community uptodate.


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