West Ward South – Traffic

The southern portion of West Ward (Mowbray Rd side) is experiencing increasing traffic problems believed to be associated with the installation of the Beaconsfield lights and massive developments on the Lane Cove side of Mowbray Rd. Residents have been calling for something to be done.

In response to that call, Willoughby Council has retained PeopleTrans (traffic engineers) to review the current situation and to make any necessary recommendations for change. In addition to traffic on Mowbray Rd the investigation is also looking at the various ‘rat-runs’ through the area from Greenlands Rd to Pacific Highway.

It was noted that Mowbray school is about to be redeveloped. This will have an impact on Mowbray Rd that will need to be addressed.

Willoughby and Lane Cove Councils will jointly consider any proposed changes.

Apart from the general increase in traffic in the area, concern was expressed about some of the recent traffic calming devices installed on Mowbrary Rd. There was strong representation to provide a Right-Turn capability at the Beaconsfield lights There was also concern regarding the location of bus zones.

After the report goes to Willoughby Council, residents will be letter-boxed. This will be the opportunity for residents to formally respond to any change proposals.






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