Daft (?) Parking Strategy

Willoughby City Council is seeking community feedback on the proposed Draft ParkingStrategyStreet Parking Strategy, which aims to optimise street parking, and offer greater choice to residents, visitors and workers about how, why and where they park.
The Draft Street Parking Strategy is made up of six different parking policies, which
cover all aspects of on-street parking needs within the City – from residential, to
commuter, business and long stay options, as well as specific needs for motorcycles, trades people, people with disabilities, carers and car share.

The Draft Street Parking Strategy aims to:

  • Optimise street parking capacity by encouraging greater turnover of parking spaces
  • Provide equitable sharing of existing street parking spaces among users
  • Maintain access to local services and amenities
  • Manage parking allocation for motorcycles
  • Improve street parking requirements for trade worker vehicles
  • Encourage developers to consider the need for construction and trade vehicle parking prior to construction
  • Manage parking allocation for car share schemes
  • Encourage and improve access to alternative and active transport modes
  • Manage demand and provision for long-stay employee parking
  • Re-address the allocation of street parking for residents, visitors and carers

Council is proposing to

  • Increase and/or decrease parking fees – via an adjustable pay-parking system to manage street parking
  • Increase resident parking permits to up to three cars per household
  • Introduce visitor parking permits
  • Provide improved security and additional parking, through various means, for motorcycles
  • Allocate a proportion of available street parking to long-stay visitors and managing demand through pay-parking charges
  • Vary parking prices and restrictions to optimise the turn over of parking spaces in major shopping areas

Have Your Say
Find out more, and provide feedback via survey until Thursday 31 July at

Attend a Public Meeting:

7pm, Thursday 12 June – St Leonard’s Catholic Church Hall, 43 Donnelly Road, Naremburn

7pm, Thursday 19 June – Dougherty Community Centre, 7 Victor Street, Chatswood

7pm, Thursday 26 June – The Willis Recreation and Sport Centre, 325A Eastern Valley Way, Castle Cove

2pm, Saturday 12 July – Willoughby Uniting Church Hall, 10 Clanwilliam Street, Willoughby

If you do not understand this document, phone 9777 1000 to discuss with Council staff, or visit Council’s Administration Building at 31 Victor Street, Chatswood (8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

Alternatively phone the Translating & Interpreting Service on 131 450.

You can also provide feedback in writing by Thursday 31 July to:
The General Manager
Willoughby City Council
31 Victor Street
Chatswood NSW 2067



One thought on “Daft (?) Parking Strategy

  1. I have scanned the draft strategy and find it all disappointing and awful. Last year or before, the Council reviewed resident parking permits and I had one of the council officers here to discuss how many cars would fit on my property, to ascertain by quota of permits. It was ludicrous and never properly resolved. He just measured (roughly) the distance from the front fence to my house along the driveway and declared that 3 cars would fit. I pointed out that only one car would fit, for 2 reasons:
    * The driveway is my only pedestrian access and with more than 1 car, pedestrians would have to walk on the grass, which is not good in wet weather (he suggested that I could concrete it over);

    * Because there is a drop-off of a metre to a lower level less than half metre from the driveway strips, it is impossible to exit a vehicle on the passenger’s side if parked other than on the concreted area immediately in front of the house.

    This matter is not mentioned in the draft proposal in any detail but the determination of the number of cars to be parked on the property needs to part of the regulations.
    I got my street parking permit, but not related to the assessed car spaces on my property.
    My neighbour 2 doors up was in a similar position. His driveway dips sharply to an under house garage. It is steep and flanked by sandstone blocks to retain his garden. Even 1 car in his driveway is impossible.

    Perhaps this matter can be raised by the Progress Association at one of the meetings.

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