Ward Boundary Changes

WardsWith Council elections scheduled for 2015 it is likely that there will need to be changes made to Ward boundaries. Legislation requires that all Wards be within 10% of each other for the number of electors.

Currently the boundaries of West Ward are: Mowbray Rd (from Claude St), Mowbray Rd West to Lane Cove River and back by Blue Gum Creek to Boundary St. Then down the railway line to Ashley St, across to Archer St. Down Victoria Avenue to Claude St and back to Mowbray Rd.

Currently, West Ward abuts two other wards – Middle Harbour Ward to the East and Naremburn Ward to the South.

Given the amount of unit development within the CBD that is in West Ward, it is likely that West Ward will need to divest some electors. Areas that could be at risk of moving to another Ward are the ‘Flower’ Streets (Mills Lane to Ashley St) and between Chatswood Park and Mowbray Rd. However, other configurations are also possible.



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