Animated Billboard

billboardThere has been a complaint regarding the electronic animated
billboard that has been installed by Chatswood Primary School on the Pacific Highway (see comment below).

The Minister for Roads has indicated that “animated signs which are visible to drivers are not allowed under the current guidelines.

(Note: Image not representative of billboard installed)


2 thoughts on “Animated Billboard

  1. An animated bright LED lit display billboard (brief video attached) has very recently been erected on the fence line of Chatswood Primary School angled towards intersection of Pacific Highway and Centennial Av. without Council approval.

    Today I had a conversation with Council’s Duty Planning officer at Council Offices regarding my great concern in relation to the erection of this signage.

    1. No application has been made to Council for this signage.
    2. It is in breach of Council regulations (Schedule 6: Types of Advertising Structures: Moving/Changing Sign) prohibiting any moving or changing message signs and appears not to be exempted by State regulations for schools.
    3. It faces an extremely busy and dangerous section of the Pacific Highway towards a section classified as an accident blackspot and is a distraction to drivers.
    4. It is in front of a listed heritage building and is unsympathetic in this location.
    5. Allowing an animated LED lit sign of this nature sets a precedent throughout the City for such signs to be installed, as their cost has dropped considerably.
    6. This sign is extremely bright.
    7. The sign is distracting, dangerous and unsightly. No animated signs such as this have ever been permitted in Willoughby to date.

    I wish to request that Council officers check regulatory compliance in relation to this sign.

    Perhaps Council (and RMS) are not aware of the extreme danger that vehicles exiting Centennial Av on a green light regularly face, well known to residents of West Chatswood exiting the area onto the Highway.

    Vehicles who have seconds before been given a green light to turn right from busy Albert Av onto the Pacific Highway do not observe the twin intersections very close together, see a green light ahead and travel through the red lights which change shortly after getting the go-ahead, and collide with vehicles exiting Centennial.

    This sign is now the second of two animated lit signs which distract both sets of drivers at this intersection. I had intended to report the issue of the first sign but now feel compelled as the danger has now been compounded.

    The other sign is at a furniture establishment at 769 Pacific Highway. I believe this moving LED strip sign in the shop window breaches Council regulations Schedule 6: Types of Advertising Structures: Flashing sign AND Moving/Changing sign, which are prohibited except when located 1m inside a shop front.

    Concerned resident

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