Westfield expansion

Westfield ChatswoodWestfield have lodged a Development Application to upgrade their entrance on Victoria Avenue. Currently the entry is 2 storeys. Westfield want to go to 5 storeys. They want to bring in more restaurants, shops and entertainment premises. Willoughby Council will not be determining the application. It goes to the Joint Regional Planning Panel. Council can comment on the proposal. They generally support the proposal and associated Voluntary Planning Agreement.

The proposal will impact Charlotte Lane with six short-term on street car spaces to be removed from Charlotte Lane. Westfield is offering Willoughby Council only 90% of the value of the land in Charlotte Lane. Westfield already has less off-street parking spaces than required. They have previously given money to Council because of the shortfall. One would hope that the lost car spots can be relocated rather than lost.

There is an associated Voluntary Planning Agreement to add 36 new spaces to the Albert Ave car park in exchange for removing long-stay spaces on levels five and six. It is unclear whether this results in additional spaces or is just changing existing spaces from long to short-term. Based on feedback on Council’s Proposed Parking Strategy there would be concern about losing long-term worker car parking within the city centre.


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