2hr parking at the Chase


Chatswood Chase has lodged a Development Application seeking to reduce free parking to 2 hours (currently 3 hours). for 2 1/2 hours you will pay $3.00. Parking for 3 hours will cost $6.00. After that normal fees apply. It is also proposed to ‘trial’ a validation system to allow the third hour for free IF you spend more than $50.00.

The Council Officer is recommending APPROVAL of the proposal albeit with some changes to the application viz.the third hour validation to be unrestricted (no need to spend $50.00) and a maximum charge of $3.00 for the third hour.

Of major concern with this proposal is that it was NOT PUBLICLY NOTIFIED as the Council Officers knew that “Council is aware of the opinion of the community Regarding 3 hours versus 2 hours free parking for shoppers it having been a subject of much ongoing complaint in recent years”.




One thought on “2hr parking at the Chase

  1. Is there any evidence that the reasons of the previous successful community objectors have become less valid?

    Is this part of the Westfield proposed encroachment on its rooftop parking to erect another story of shops?

    Will shoppers visit fewer shops in Westfield, and do the rest at a more customer friendly venue? probably outside the Willoughby rated area such as Lane Cove, Roseville,or Macquarie? Many in West Ward do so already.The restaurants would suffer big losses.

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