Delhi Rd Commuter Carpark?

DelhiRdPresident Jim McCredie writes: I recall you advocated building a commuter parking station at the Delhi Road railway station. I noted in the last few days a survey of railway users placed lack of commuter parking at stations was the second highest complaint about the northern suburbs rail system (after concern about personal safety at night).
Today’s NSW Government Notice Board announces a DA for:
“North Ryde Station Urban Activation Precinct”, located in the triangle between Delhi Road, Epping Road, an d the M2 Motorway.
This area will be subdivided into 13 development sites, 4 public open space lots,
 2 public road lots, and a new pedestrian/cycle bridged over Delhi Road.
The DA applicant is UrbanGrowth NSW, a state government corporation, criticised by Better Planning Network, which has just released a critical email about the capacity of UrbanGrowth on other projects.A Copy of email will be forwarded.
This land was the terminal of the second stage of the F3 Freeway, which was to run from the completed first stage at Fig Tree Bridge along the west side of the Lane Cove estuary and then  parallel to Pittwater Road to Epping Road. Wran abandoned this stage to fund the F3 Freeway north of the Hawkesbury. Carr turned some other portions of the F3 alignment over to Lane Cove National Park, but this bit was not, because of its proximity to the Delhi Road rail station.

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