Traffic Hotspots


Following the development of a prioritisation process, Council staff have compiled a list of traffic matters / proposals that have been subsequently assessed and scored. The
hotspots existing list is not exhaustive and other measures or actions may be added in response to Councillor feedback and as new issues are raised by the community.

Hotspots that will be addressed in the next year are:

1. Spring Street closure (including replacement of pedestrian refuge with pedestrian
crossing in Spring Street) – $181,500
2. Frenchs Road at Alpha Street – ban right turn (following community liaison) – $500
3. High Street, near Oakville Road (raised crossing) – $20,000
4. Mowbray Road, east of Felton Avenue– convert existing pedestrian refuge – $5000
5. North Willoughby – Review of LATM study – $35,000

Projects completed in 2013/14
In 2013/14 the following projects on the Hotspots list were completed:
– Traffic Signals at Mowbray Road and Beaconsfield Road
– Installation of 6 pedestrian refuges on Mowbray Road West by Lane Cove Council
– Speed cushions on Victoria Avenue on the approach to the Stanley Street pedestrian
– On Mowbray Road at Hampden Road an extended median and STOP restriction
were introduced
– Painted chevron lines on Archer Street and a Give Way restriction was installed on
William Street to improve sight distance and reduce turning/cross traffic accidents
– A Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan was prepared for the Chatswood CBD area.
Reporting to Council in regard to this study will be completed in the coming month
– A traffic study reviewing the impacts of the Mowbray Road/Beaconsfield Road traffic
signals and the traffic recommendations associated with rezoning of land on the Lane
Cove side of Mowbray Road. Reporting to Council in regard to this study will be
completed in the coming month
– Fullers Road, between James Street and Greville Street – reduction to One Lane
westbound with turning bays
– On Centennial Avenue – a 2 lane speed hump was installed west of Jenkins Street
– On Herbert Street at Ella Street the centre line was remarked and raised reflective
pavement markers introduced on the bend to the east of the intersection to improve
delineation and reduce the run off road crash rate.

Highest Ranked projects and funding levels
Based upon the ranking database the following are the projects that are the most highly
ranked within the current Hotspots list:
1. Victoria Avenue, convert eastbound lane to bus lane
2. Spring Street, road closure at Victoria Avenue
3. Eastern Valley Way / Edinburgh Road – right turn phase
4. Mowbray Road at Centennial Avenue – right turn phase ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING
5. Mowbray Road at Sydney Street – monitoring after introduction of filter turn ban in
November 2010
6. Archer Street / Ashley Street – ban southbound right turns (buses excepted). RMS
has to date opposed this work
7. Herbert Street / Ella Street – non skid surface treatment on Herbert Street
8. Alpha Road / Frenchs Road – ban right turn out of Frenchs Road and reduce speed
limit on Alpha Road
9. Brook Street / Merrenburn Avenue – median along length of Brook Street. (Most
recent data shows a reduction in crashes – monitor only)
10. High Street, near Oakville Road – speed cushions or raised pedestrian crossing
11. Mowbray Road east of Felton Road – convert existing refuge to match others and
improve bicycle and bus access
12. North Willoughby – review of 2008 LATM study
13. Archer Street south of Boundary Street – widen for northbound bus lane and extra
14. Alpha Road / Frenchs Road – traffic signals with right turn and pedestrian phases
15. Albert Avenue / Albert Lane – Left Turn Only out of Albert Lane (will be implemented
once Meriton development completed)
16. Victoria Avenue, east of Anderson Street – convert indented parking to Taxi Zone (in
conjunction with Victoria Avenue bus lane)
17. Archer Street at Waratah and William – No Stopping signs
18. Oliver Street at Pacific Highway – widen Oliver Street for 2 way access/restrict
Centennial Avenue to left in/left out
19. Clanwilliam Street / Penshurst Street – No Right Turn 6am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm
20. Mowbray Road West at Bowen Street – ban right turn into Bowen Street


2 thoughts on “Traffic Hotspots

  1. Thanks for the update, great information coming from this site.

    A quick question regarding Millwood Avenue, Chatswood West. A single lane road which has a truckload of traffic travelling at speed (albeit a 50 km zone) from Fullers Road, with no allowance for pedestrians,crossing to the bus stops. A state road, as is Fullers Road, has there been any discussion regarding solutions for traffic calming measures or repairs to the road surface in the Avenue?

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