Hawthorne Avenue Footpath

Under Council’s missing links footpath program a footpath is proposed for introduction along Hawthorne Avenue. Hawthorne Avenue currently has no footpath with pedestrians walking on the road. A footpath is to be provided on the southern (even numbered) side of the road.In two locations the topography prevents construction of a footpath and at these locations it
is proposed to create a marked pedestrian area on the road pavement.

The first of these locations is at No.12 where a sandstone rock face is situated within 300mm of the kerb alignment. At No. 48 the gradient on the nature strip is excessively steep and a footpath can’t reasonably be constructed. At these locations the footpath stops and pedestrians are redirected onto a linemarked “path” on the road carriageway. The footpath then continues on the nature strip once the obstruction is passed. The on road footpath sections will be painted blue with pedestrian logos to ensure it is highly visible and clarify the intent of the zone to motorists. No Stopping Zones are also proposed to ensure that cars don’t park on the on-road footpath and also to ensure that there is sufficient space for cars to
pass. Pedestrian Warning signs will be installed on the approaches Hawthorne Avenue carries very low volumes of traffic so the level of risk is not high. RMS have been asked for their views on the proposal and do not oppose the work. Prior to
consulting with the community regarding the work, the draft plans are being submitted for Traffic Committee consideration. If there is Traffic Committee support for the work staff will then consult with the impacted community and report further to Council before proceeding with the installation of the path.

That the draft plans for on road footpath sections on Hawthorne Avenue be approved noting that the plans will be circulated to residents of Hawthorne Avenue for consultation prior to the work being introduced.


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