Corona Avenue Lights

As part of the Boundary Road upgrades, it is proposed to signalise the intersection of Corona Avenue and the Pacific Highway. This will ensure that vehicles can leave Corona Avenue under protection of traffic signals and also means that pedestrians crossing Corona Avenue can do so with the assistance of pedestrian signals. Both are positive changes and are supported. The signalisation of Corona Avenue will however mean that 20m of “No Stopping” will need to be introduced on both sides of Corona Avenue on approach to the Pacific Highway. This change is also supported as it will improve safety for vehicles turning in and out of the street although it will result in the loss of three 1P parking spaces on the south side of Corona Avenue. These spaces provide for the short term parking needs of customers of commercial premises sited on the corner.

Council Ssaff will be meeting with RMS consultants and Ku-Ring-Gai Council on Thursday 14 August to discuss options for re-siting of these 1P spaces further to the west in front of adjacent residential premises. RMS will be consulting with impacted premises prior to relocation of the 1P spaces. A paln of proposed changes can be viewed  here .


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