Residents heard


Approximately 30 residents attended Council’s Traffic Committee Meeting last night in response to Council’s report on traffic conditions in Lane Cove North and Chatswood (along Mowbray Rd) as a result of the introduction of traffic signals at Beaconsfield Rd.

The Consultant;s Report stated that generally there had not been any significant increase in traffic in local streets since the light went in. This was contrary to what the residents are observing in their streets.The Consultant’s traffic figures were many months old. Residents say the increase has primarily been in the past 3 months. 

There was also concern expressed that the traffic counts were done in early December when private schools are already on holidays.

Coolaroo residents presented a petition about increased traffic.There was discussion about allowing a right-hand turn from Beaconsfield Rf into Mowbray Road. Another request was for a set of lights at Dalrymple. There was no discussion of increased traffic in Goodchap Rd but there has been significant comments ion this site.

The Consultant’s stand was that issue causing the problem was the operation of the intersection of the Pacific Highway and Mowbray Rd. They indicated that to resolve that problem could cost hundreds of millions of dollars (so highly unlikely).

At the end of discussion it was resolved along the lines that:

  1. Everyone in  the study area to be letter-boxed advising them of the reports going on exhibition and that during the exhibition there will be public meeting on the issues.
  2. A Safety Audit to be undertaken in the winding streets in the area (streets should be specified)
  3. After the Safety Audit, the Consultants to bring back their findings to Council and community
  4. Consultants to develop proactive solutions to protect the residential amenity of the area

Please note: The above draft motion will be ‘fleshed out’ and proceed to a full meeting of Council next Monday night. The report for that meeting will be available on Council’s website after 5pM this coming Thursday. (Comments in brackets and italics above were not part of the resolution but perhaps should be).



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