Acoustic Laboratory

   NALUrbis Consultants, acting for the Church of Scientology Australia (CSA), have issued their first newsletter. Probably the most concerning planning aspect of the proposal is the intention of having up to 460 people on site daily between 8:30 AM and 9:30 PM.

CSA claim that the majority of staff will travel to the site by public transport. However, no one can guarantee that will be the case.

On the surface, it appears that there could be more than 3 x the traffic movements than if the property was used for residential.


Urbis is holding a public relations session on Saturday 13 September, on-site from 10AM – 1PM.

Church of Scientology Newsletter #1



2 thoughts on “Acoustic Laboratory

  1. I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend the September 13th meeting. Is there any possibility that it could be taped and put up on Youtube? I think it would be helpful for those who can’t attend, and to make a record of what is said for the future. I think I can put your mind at ease about the traffic implications of this facility. The staff at a Scientology headquarters are called “Sea Org” members. They live in an old monastery in Dundas, and don’t have cars, they travel daily by private bus.

    I have two questions that I think somebody should ask.

    What is the expected opening date for the facility, and has the money for renovations been completely raised?

    What will be the involvement of Sea Org members in working on the renovations, and will they be paid a minimum wage?

    I look forward to hearing the results of the meeting.

  2. Attended the Church of Scientology Greville St consultation last Saturday – appears to be a comparatively low-impact option, preferable to demolition and townhouses.

    The walk-through of the site – sheer scale and cavernous, configurable spaces – demonstrated the negligence or nepotism of the original sale by the Commonwealth. The developer sold the site plus 23 & 25 Millwood for close to $35 million!

    In my opinion, the proposed bus lay-by and use of it by Sydney Buses would be an improvement for safety and traffic flow on Millwood Ave.

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