Mowbray Rd Precinct

Please find below the way the Committee’s recommendation has been reported. This recommendation will go to Council on Monday night.
There are a number of points people might like to consider.
1. Does it make sense to place the PeopleTrans report on exhibition now or would it be better to wait until the other studies are completed?
2. It should be spelt out that the area to be ‘letterbox dropped’ is the WHOLE of the study area.
3. It would be prudent to spell out where the additional traffic counts are to be undertaken (whilst there was a lot of talk about Coolaroo at the meeting, people in Goodchap also have a problem).
4. Again,the safety audit probably needs to be in some other streets as well.
If you believe there should be amendments to the recommendation below, contact your ward Councillors:



1.     The PeopleTrans Study and the recommendations outlined in the report be placed on exhibition on Council’s website for community feedback for a period of 1 month.

2.     That residents in the area be ‘letterbox dropped’ to inform them of the availability of the report and opportunity to comment.

3.     That further traffic counts be undertaken in the area to obtain current traffic data.

4.     Council engage a road safety audit of Coolaroo Road to assess the current road speed conditions, road safety risks, and provide recommendations in regard to traffic speeds.

5. That the consultants be requested to provide further advice on options for traffic management in the area that can be considered to proactively address the projected traffic volumes on the local road network now and protect the amenity of the local residents.

6.    That a community meeting be held during the exhibition period to inform local residents of the report and recommendations.

7.    That Lane Cove Council be advised that Willoughby Council gives qualified support to the recommendations made in the SMEC study along the lines of the commentary in this report with further feedback to be provided following the exhibition period.

8.    That Lane Cove Council be advised that Willoughby Council is not willing to contribute to the cost of installation of works recommended in the SMEC study as the works should be funded by Section 94 funds collected from development activity on the Lane Cove side of Mowbray Road or from RMS (in the case of the signals at Mowbray Road/Centennial Avenue).

9.    That Lane Cove Council be provided with a copy of the PeopleTrans study and advised of the additional recommendations made in that report regarding Felton Avenue, Dalrympie Avenue and Pacific Highway and their support requested for the implementation of those measures.


2 thoughts on “Mowbray Rd Precinct

  1. The problem will not be resolved until the Council arranges for a Right Turn from Beaconsfield into Mowbray Road West.

    At present the residents of Beaconsfield Road have no alternative to using Coolaroo where we find it difficult and dangerous to travel west against the flow of rat runners coming at us at dangerous speeds.

    Surely commonsense must get a hearing eventually!

  2. I would like to notify you that there was another car accident this morning involving the pedestrian refuge on Mowbray Rd West at Lane Cove North near Mooney St.

    A motorist heading east has driven over the top of it, completely flattening the signs and safety devices. This happened at approx 9:30am Thurs 11th Sept. Fortunately no one was injured but there were people waiting at the bus zone and the car could not be driven. Police attended.

    This is the second such accident at the same pedestrian refuge with a vehicle heading in the same direction in 9 months since the refuge was installed. The previous accident occurred at night whilst this one was in broad daylight in dry conditions. None of the other refuges on Mowbray Rd have been run over that I am aware of. I would suggest again that there is a problem with this refuge.

    When I attended the Traffic Meeting held with the “Traffic Consultants” and Councilors back in March I expressed my concerns about the placement of Bus Zones/Pedestrian Refuges particularly the ones outside St Peters Green at Felton Ave and the one mentioned above. It would seem that the concerns I raised fell on deaf ears. I was also dumbfounded when the shelters were all replaced in May when no one at the meeting informed me that this was happening. On this matter I will say again that it is inappropriate to have large illuminated advertising posters in bus shelters located outside people’s private residences.

    Some time ago, prior to the refuge being installed, I corresponded with James Brockleback at Willoughby Council and he suggested that the refuge at Mooney St was located too close to the bus zone but it was installed anyway.

    Council can pay “consultants” to do studies but it is pointless when they choose not to listen to the local residents who use these streets daily.

    I have lost heart in the process, I do not know to whom to address my concerns. We intend to sell our property next year after having lived here for 10 years.

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