Crash Analysis 2009-13

HotspotNSW Roads and Maritime (RMS) have released road crash statistics for the period 2009-20013 for the Willoughby area. There were 3 fatal crashes in 2013 (up from 2 in 20012) and compared with a five average of 1.2. Injury crashes are reducing somewhat from a high of 167 in 2001 to 158 in 2013 (av, of 156).  Non-casualty crashes show a similar trend with 236 in 2013 c.f av. 258. Total crashes in 2013 were 397 c.f 5 year average of 415.

The main contributing factors in crashes were alcohol, speed and fatigue. Willoughby crashes generally rank lower than the Sydney and NSW statistics.

Locations with 3 or more speed related crashes were:

  1. Gore Hill/Pacific Highway – 13
  2. Fullers/Millwood Avenue including Greville (3), McLean (3) – 13
  3. Herbert/Ella – 13
  4. Eastern Valley Way/Victoria Avenue – 12
  5. Epping Rd/Mowbray Rd – 11
  6. Gore Hill at Reserve Rd – 5
  7. Pacific/Mowbray – 3
  8. Hampden/McMillan – 3
  9. Boundary/Archer – 3

So around 40% of crashes occurred within the West Ward (due in part to the Pacific Highway, Mowbray Rd and Epping Rd and  Fullers Rd/Millwood Avenue.

There were 5 pedestrian crashes at Railway/Help and Pacific Highway/Herbert St; 4 at Hampton/Broughton and Victoria/Springs and 3 at Victoria/Stanley and Victoria/Bertram. Unlike vehicle crashes which were predominately on main roads, pedestrian crashes showed significant number in residential areas.

Pedal cyclist crashes occurred at Willoughy/Small – 2; Albert/Orchard – 2; Sailors Bay Rd/Bellambi – 2 plus six other locations.

During the 2009-2013 analysis period, Willoughby drivers only accounted for 17% of major accidents.

So, a lesson to be learned, if you are driving through Willoughby (and particularly West Ward) don’t do so if you are drunk; don’t speed and don’t drive if you are tired.

Source: 2015 Willoughby Crash Analysis Report (FULL REPORT)


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