Traffic Update

RMSAt its February meeting the Willoughby Traffic Committee considered a number of items pertinent to West Ward.

Anderson St & Victoria Avenue: Problems with cars blocking intersection and conflict between cars and pedestrians. Resolved: RMS asked to carry out Safety Audit.

Mowbray Rd West, east of Felton: Pedestrian refuge does not meet current standards. Resolved: Refuge to be upgraded.

Archer & Victoria: Pedestrian countdown timers have produced positive responses. Resolved: Request to RMS to leave timers in place and to install timers at additional locations.

Hatfield St, Lane Cove North and Mowbray Rd West: Mowbray School has requested installation of temporary pedestrian crossings. Resolved: Temporary crossings to be installed.

In addition, various works have been approved in Lone Pine Avenue to resolve problems with bus movements;

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