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The Chatswood West Ward Progress Association and the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations will be hosting a “Meet the Candidates” meeting, at the Dougherty Community Centre, 7 Victor St, Chatswood on March 19th, starting at7:00pm.  Everyone is welcome.On March 28, 2015, electors will be required to vote for the 56th NSW Parliament.

(Note: The Federation of Willoughby Progress Association comprises nine Progress Associations covering the entire Willoughby Council area)

This is your opportunity to meet those candidates who are standing for election as your State Parliamentary representative and hear them speak about their vision for the Willoughby electorate and have them address your issues and answer your questions.

Each Candidate will be allocated six (6) minutes to speak, followed by a question/answer session – where the voting public can have their issues/questions answered by candidates. A two-minute summation by each candidate will then follow the Q&A session.


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    The 10/50 Legislation is causing considerable angst within the community. Will you assure us that you will vote to have the legislation repealed?

    Both the major parties are promising to invest in long needed infrastreucture. What percentage of your party’s promises are dependent on the sale or lease of the State’s electricity assets?

    Recently, a senior member of the Liberal Government, spoke in favour of Council amalgamations. After the election, what will your government’s stand be on proposed Council amalgamations?

    It is clear that planning for schools on the Lower North Shore has been abysmal. What is your plan to cater for the number of students requiring spaces without resorting to the use of demountables.

    Willoughby Council was already to spend $1M when asbestos was on the Chatswood High School Oval. Will you undertake to have the State Government to spend $500K removing the asbestos?

    Are you prepared to maintain NSW TAFE as the major, high quality provider of vocational education and training by increasing funding, capping student fees and limiting the level of contestable funding available to private, for profit training companies?

    Are you prepared to lift investment in public school capital works and maintenance to ensure all students can learn in quality classrooms with modern facilities and equipment?

    What action will you take to ensure the Federal Government funds the fifth and sixth years of the NSW National Education Reform Agreement (the Gonski Agreement) including funding for students with a disability?

    People are concerned about the establishment of a second rail network based on driverless, single storey trains and the fact that the new tunnels and other infrastructure will not allow the operation double-decker trains. Will you undertake to redress this situation?

    Based on remarks from North West Rail Link representatives regarding frequency of planned services to Chatswood. How do you foresee that the problem of likely congestion at Chatswood railway station will be averted?

    Congestion is a continuing problem on Willoughby’s main roads. What plans do you have to relieve traffic congestion.

    Why is the surface of the Pacific Highway, Fullers Rd and Mowbray Rd in such a bad state of repair?

    What would you do to resume the city’s street for traffic flow instead of static vehicle parking?

    Will you guarantee that there will be no alienation of public land (either by sale of long-term lease) on the North Shore Hospital site? If not, why not?


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