Lowanna Unleashed

offleashAfter some years of dithering, Willoughby Council has finally proclaimed Lowanna Park as an official Dog Off-Leash Park. Even better news is that the hours that dogs can be exercised off-leash in the park is between 3 PM to 11 AM the next day. Owners however must ensure that their dogs do not go closer than 10M to the children’s play area.

Since the park has been used for off-leash dog exercise, the number of people (and dogs) using the park has increased. The dog owners have proven to be most responsible, picking up doggie-doo (and rubbish left near the BBQ by other park user). One Council ranger has remarked that ‘Lowanna Park is the cleanest park he has seen in Willoughby”. Also, there has been few complaints about the operation of the park. Older users also also give suggestions to newcomers who may not fully understand their responsibilities

A fascinating by-product has been the development of ‘local community’ associated with the park. Every Friday night around dusk, people gather at the picnic tables for a chat and some refreshments.


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