No synthetic oval for Chatswood High & Bush School

In 2013 Council and the Department of Education agreed to the synthetic grass conversionsynthetic grass
of the sports field at Chatswood High School Oval. There was significant support for the synthetic field conversion from the community.

In late 2014 asbestos fragments were found in soil samples under the oval and the preferred option to deliver a stable long term synthetic field was estimated at:

  • Asbestos remediation cost – $1,704,100
  • Field construction + sports area $1,897,500
    Total $3,601,600

Council wrote to the Minister for Education outlining the issues. The Minster responded “While the Department of Education and Communities is supportive of Council‘s plans to
upgrade the field, unfortunately it is unable to provide funding towards the project. ….As it
stands, the sports field is considered suitable for the Department’s purposes“.

The current status is that the Council Officers are recommending :

1. Notes that at this point there is no immediately viable location for synthetic turf
within the Chatswood CBD; and
2. Reconsiders this matter when the findings from the Chatswood CBD Recreation
Needs Study are tabled in late 2015.


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