June Traffic Matters

RMS1The following traffic related matters pertaining to West Ward were placed in front of the RMS Traffic Meeting this morning:

  • Victoria Avenue between Chatswood Mall and past Chatswood Chase will be closed for a short time (30 mins) on Sunday 19th July 2015 to celebrate the 100th Year of Women in Policing. This will be a great day and the Baton Relay is sure to be a highlight. Our police ladies are training hard in preparation. There will be food and the rocking Police Band…
  • Minor signage changes as requested by residents have been approved at Mooney St, Ellis St, William St, Hatfield St, Anderson St, and Finlay Ave,
  • Changes are proposed at the intersection of Albert Avenue with Crispe Lane and Albert Lane – a ‘No Right Turn 10AM- 6:30PM from Abert Avenue into Crispe Lane” and a ‘Left Only restriction from Albert Lane into Albert Avenue” (subjet to RMS approval).
  • Westfield Carpark -various changes to entrance/exit gates in Devonshire St, Victor St and Albert Avenue.
  • Pedestrian fencing at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Anderson St (subject to funding).
  • Further report on proposal to ban Left Turns from Victoria Avenue into Anderson Street South.
  • Recommendations regarding treatment of glassed eating areas near the pedestrian crossing in Anderson Street South.
  • Longer handrail barriers at the Westfield carpark exit in Anderson Street South (to keep pedestrian further out from the wall).
  • Bollards (with chains) to be installed on the southern side of the pedestrian crossing in Anderson Street South (same as on northern side)
  • (subject to RMS approval) – 3 Tonne Load limits on Daisy, Tulip and Violet Streets, Chatswood

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