Currey Park Update


A nearby resident who has been spearheading the campaign to save community land and trees provides the following update:

At the very last minute at Willoughby Council’s meeting on Monday night (Oct 26 2015), Westfield withdrew their DA modification to axe a further  15 trees in Currey Park.

 This was supposedly to allow them access of heavy vehicles through the park.

 We had always maintained they could find a less invasive means of access and , suddenly, it appears they have.

On Wednesday (28/10) morning the Devonshire Street access ramp to the car park was closed and being used for a concrete pour.

 We are by no means convinced the fight is over. However Westfield’s withdrawal of the DA modification indicates that they were finally feeling the pressure of growing community anger.

 Thanks to everyone who took the time to make a submission and/or sign the petition. In all there were a combined 200 signatories/submissions. A special thanks to Lynne Saville and Terry Fogarty for their wonderful support and unwavering commitment.”


4 thoughts on “Currey Park Update

  1. Our activist opines:

    This morning, the fencing around Devonshire St pathway was taken down. Thank you to both of you for your help in achieving this. Without it, Council would have totally ignored the residents (as opposed to just ignoring us most of the time).

    It’s not over yet, Westfield has stated its intentions by parking a dredger on level 4, right in front of line of sight for the Parkside residents. But for now, let’s enjoy this small win.

  2. From Clr.Saville:

    It has taken the collective efforts from many people, including you to achieve this good outcome. Along with you, I have communicated with the relevant council officers to remove the fence, and we have been heard. We will need to maintain a close watch for future applications

    The local people will have access toots of their park during the holiday season, which is terrific news! Well done to all involved!

  3. 10 Feb 2016 from resident:

    “Westfield is using the “tree protection zone” for storage and/or rubbish, please refer attached photo. Please ask it to cease.

    Also, it is noted that although the “tree protection zone” has been re-instated, it is significantly smaller.

    And yesterday, Tuesday 10 Feb, the workers were using the mechanical digger till well past 6pm.”

  4. A response from Council

    1. Screens to the south side of the carpark

    The modification to Development Consent 2014/273 to incorporate the perforated metal screens on Levels 1, 2 and 3 was approved on 1 July 2016. The modification application was notified prior to being reported to Council. Your submission in response to this notification was considered in the report.

    2. Octopus Sculpture

    The blue and gold rings in the octopus eyes were not part of the sculpture’s original design. The eyes were stained to temporarily test out a different design. Council’s Bushland Team has since consulted with the designer/artist subsequent to the test. They together have decided to restore the octopus sculpture to its original form without the coloured rings/eyes. As per Ian’s previous email, the sculpture is not damaged in this process and has since been revarnished.

    3. Tree Protection

    I have informed the Building Certifiers responsible for the inspection of the construction works to review any tree protection measures (ie. the wrapping around the trees) that are no longer necessary.

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