Resident Concerns

Clr.Saville has raised the following concerns with Council:

Chatswood concerns

A resident from De Villiers Ave has contacted me regarding the following matters:

1.  Cars parked on both sides of Carr Street and Lone Pine Ave Chatswood often prevent the local bus passing, resulting in delayed bus services. Please refer to Traffic committee to  Consider parking on one side of road only in Carr and Lone Pine

Other residents have contacted me re the following matters:

2.  Bus stops on Victoria Ave between Katherine St and Pacific Highway:  Inadequate shelter from wind and rain. If people seek shelter from the rain under cover at the adjacent commercial building, they are chased away.  Proper effective shelter is required. Refer this matter to the traffic committee please

3.   Existing footpaths along the more eastern and southern sides of De Villiers Ave are in dreadful condition. The pathway is an obvious falls  risk.  Please check the paths along De Villiers between Carr St and Dardanelles, and up to Eddy roads  and ensure they are repaired ASAP

Residents are perplexed that council is planning to construct a new path on De Villiers Ave (northern side) on the existing grass verge from Dardanelles to Carr streets, while the footpath on the southern side is in serious disrepair

I suggest that it would be more prudent to repair the existing seriously deteriorated path on the south side of De Villiers before embarking on another route.


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