Council meeting cancelled

meeting cancelledThe Cultural & Civic Committee Council meeting scheduled for Monday night has been cancelled. The next meeting will be the 15 February. The last meeting was the 19th October. That’s 3 months ‘between drinks’.

There could be any number of reasons why the meeting was cancelled:
* limited matters to discuss
* items that previously came to Council no longer being tabled by the GM
* the new ‘super’ managers and reduced staff not coping with the workload
Whatever, the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations will monitor the situation to ensure that under the ‘new regime’ there is no erosion of the opportunity for community input.

3 thoughts on “Council meeting cancelled

  1. Our President opines: Is the combination of new Mayor and General Manager closing down contact meetings with community interest groups an attempt to reverse community participation in areas that would otherwise be determined by professional managers?

  2. The following information was sent in by a Councilor: FYI, the Transport Access and Environment Committee meeting scheduled for 2nd November was also cancelled. You may recall that the October officers’ recommendation on committees was that these no longer be held, as well as elimination of a number of council’s advisory committees. Council deferred a decision until 2016.

    Bureaucrats 2, Democracy 0?

  3. From a resident: This year no meetings for:

    Transport, Access and Environment Committee – March was cancelled, No meeting in July (I think council shut down at that time), October and November were cancelled.

    Cultural and Civic Committee – September cancelled and now November

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