Who voted for what?

electronicvotingThere have been complaints that with the electronic voting system used at Council it is difficult for the public to clearly see which Councilors have voted either for or against a motion.

One Councilor has stated that “The results flash up too quickly for me to be sure and the gallery can’t see the grid on the screen clearly so none knows how people voted. I’m annoyed, I particularly requested that we leave the votes up longer so people can see who voted what,  but even if they did, which they didn’t, the gallery can’t see the vote, the font is too small. In the olden days you had a chance of seeing the hands.”

Before electronic voting, Councilors raised their hands either for or against. It was very easy to ascertain which way a Councilor had voted.

Another problem is that the Minutes of Council meetings are often taking weeks to be placed on the Council website. The Minutes contain a record of voting.


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