Community voice

Within the Willoughby Council area nine Progress Associations (PAs) cover the entire area. These vary from the West Ward Association covering an entire Ward whereas the majority of Associations cover a locality. In addition the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations provides the avenue for concerted campaigns by member associations. Typically, the Associations meet monthly and are open to anyone living within their defined area.

Progress Associations are independent of Council. The majority are Incorporated bodies. However, the Associations do take up the offer of free meeting rooms provided by Council.

Within North Sydney,  Council has established  twenty-four Precinct Committees (PCs). The Committees are advisory panels to Council.However, there does not appear a ‘Peak Body’ within North Sydney reflecting city wide issues.

The lack of a ‘Peak Body’ of North Sydney Precinct Committees is unfortunate possible collaboration between PAs and PCs more difficult.It will be interesting to see in an amalgamated Council the role that either Progress Associations or Precinct Committees will prevail.


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