Administrator for Council?

AdministratorAdministrators could be running the new Willoughby/North Sydney Council area for up to 9 months before new elections are held (likely in March 2017).

Mayors were recently advised that the new Council area should be established by mid-year. The Government can either appoint an administrator or existing Councilors. Lst year Willoughby Councilors were told that they would continue to run Council until the elections. It was hinted that North Sydney Councilors would not be afforded the same opportunity.

The State Government has now appointed ‘Delegates’ to conduct a public inquiry into the proposed merger between Willoughby and North Sydney Council It is planned that this review will be completed by the end of February. This review then goes to the Boundaries Commission who will the recommend amalgamation to the Government.

Full details of the process going forward can be foound at

Clr. Saville has provided the following information.

“It seems the Greater Sydney Commission will have powers over council LEPs.  However it is important that local councils maintain their control of LEPs and DCPs.  Local government should remain local, as articulated by the majority of residents across Sydney in surveys & submissions made through FFTF (Fit For The Future).

Sydney’s population is expected to increase by 1M in 10 years so the government is keen to expedite planning processes.  Fit for the Future is silent on the future of council properties, including town halls, community buildings and facilities, which should be retained by the local communities, particularly amid much larger councils.  I am particularly concerned after the state sale of $3B worth of iconic Sydney buildings.
Loss of natural, built heritage, and conservation areas is a key concern for many, particularly in larger councils with far fewer elected representatives,
Despite negative press, local councils provide an extraordinary range of services efficiently, including waste management, libraries, environmental protection, child and aged care services, also recreation facilities, & infrastructure such as roads & stormwater, with constrained budgets.”
Save Our Councils Coalition will provide further information on its website and FB page.




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