Boundaries for new Council

The following viewpoint has been express by a Delegate to the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations:

Additional LGA boundary setting rules and changes to a “North Shore” (Willoughby-North Sydney) LGA boundaries

Ku-ring-gai and Lane Cove councils have ‘dumped’ development (apartments) on their boundaries with Willoughby City Council without reference to a co-ordinated plan. It has resulted in Boundary St and Mowbray Road have apartment development on one side only. Lane Cove has also zoned land in its quarter of St Leonards, off the Pacific Hwy, for high rise apartments without regard to the St Leonards masterplan under development.

Harbours, rivers and creeks make the best boundaries as development on opposite sides is generally a distance away, or, in the case of creeks, development should be low scale for environmental and access reasons.

Post codes were set using community of interest criteria and post code boundaries often follow harbours, rivers and creeks.

Areas within walking distance of a major CBD have community of interest with the CBD and should be in the same LGA as the CBD.

The additional rules would minimise the development interface between councils. It would mean neighbouring councils mainly cooperate on bush and water care programs along rivers and creeks – activities whose governance is a low use of Councillor time relative to development issues.

Thus additional local government boundary setting rules are needed to ensure community of interest is fully reflected in LGA boundaries and undesirable development outcomes minimised. An additional rule should be:

Local government boundaries should follow the centreline of harbours, rivers and creeks in preference to roads. Where a creek has been piped into a stormwater drain under a road, the boundary should be parallel to the street between property boundaries and not run along the street.

— Local government boundaries should include in the same area as a major CBD, areas within walking distance of the CBD.

In establishing, or changing local government boundaries, regard should be given to post code boundaries.

The Willoughby-North Sydney amalgamation information document called North Sydney a “global city”. With a high-rise CBD planned for St Leonards, the “global city” will, in practice, be ‘positioned’ as a city of three CBDs (North Sydney, St Leonards and Chatswood) on the ridge between Middle Harbour and the Lane Cove River with a frontage on the north shore of Sydney Harbour and on Middle Harbour. It will include a major industrial area, well positioned for innovative businesses on the east side of the Pacific Hwy at Artarmon.

The Pacific Hwy runs along the ridge and is the primary road linking the three CBDs. Both sides of the Pacific Hwy, up to the boundary with Ku-ring-gai Council, should be in the “North Shore” city council area due to the role the road plays, similar to that of the North Shore Rail Line, in strengthening community of interest.

In making the boundary changes proposed below, Lane Cove-Hunters Hill-Ryde LGA will gain greater control over the lower Lane Cove River valley.

The following changes should be made to the boundaries of a “North Shore City Council” to strengthen community of interest:

A))) The Roseville post code area should be transferred to a “North Shore” LGA as Roseville looks to Chatswood as its regional centre, and due to the conflicting development along Boundary St. Governance of the large population of Hornsby-Ku-ring-gai LGA and “North Shore” is improved by the boundary shift;

B))) The Lindfield post code area, east of Sugarbag Creek, should be transferred to a “North Shore” LGA as Lindfield also looks to Chatswood as its regional centre, but it is a weaker case than for Roseville;

C))) Transfer full control of St Leonards post code area and the Pacific Hwy to a “North Shore” council by transferring to “North Shore”:

1)) the Lane Cove LGA quarter of the St Leonards post code area;

2)) the portion of the Greenwich post code area north of River Rd as it looks to St Leonards as its CBD and has a frontage on the Pacific Hwy.

3)) the portion of Greenwich south of River Rd as it is close to the major CBDs of St Leonards and North Sydney

3)) the properties fronting the western side of the Pacific Hwy between Osbourne Rd and Longueville Rd;

4)) Lane Cove North post code area east of Roslyn St, Stringybark Creek, and the footpath from Stringybark Creek to Longueville Rd.

D))) To compensate Lane Cove Council, and to resolve the development conflict on Mowbray Rd, the Willoughby portion of the Lane Cove North post code area could be transferred to Lane Cove Council.

E))) Spofforth St and Macpherson St are presently a boundary between North Sydney and Mosman councils. The properties on both sides of these streets should be in the one council area, or the other.


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