688 Pacific Highway

688 Pacific HighwayLocal residents are concerned about a proposed development next to Chatswood Primary School. The development contravenes Council’s planning regulations. This matter will be discussed at the next meeting of the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association on the 18th February at 7 PM in the Dougherty Centre, 7 Victor St, Chatswood. All welcome to attend.

Details of resident’s concerns are available at 688-692PacificHwy-DmentCommunityNotice-Aqualand-February2016 


3 thoughts on “688 Pacific Highway

  1. Unfortunately, the council will not be interested in any concern raised by the local. Another similar proposed development ( 36.2m and 27.8m towers) on 654 Pacific Hwy was approved last year. The proposed development on 654 Pacific Hwy is on the western side as well and it is about 20m from Chatswood Public School. We raised the concern to the traffic impact but was didn’t seem to concern the council. I can’t see how council reject the 688 Pacific Hwy while approve the 654 Hwy development.

  2. The council approved the development proposal on 654-666 Pacific Hwy (also on western side) last year and it has similar height (Tower A 36.2m & Tower B 27.8m) and it is only about 20m from the Chatswood Public School. We did express strong objection due to the potential impact to the traffic and other issues but it didn’t change the council’s view.

  3. The following was submitted by a local resident:

    Planning Manager
    Willoughby City Council
    (Email: email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au)

    For Information :
    The Hon Gladys Berejiklian, MP – Member for Wi lloughby (Email: wi lloughby@parliament.nsw.gov.au)
    Chatswood West Ward Progress Associatio n (Email: cwwpa.org@gmail.com)
    ALP Willoughby-Castlecrag Branch (Email: wright.nc@gmail. com )
    Owners Corporation SP 69352 (Email: cha rless@nswstrata.com.au )
    Owners Corporat ion SP 65907 (Email: info@wellmanstrata.com.au)

    Dear Mr Arnott,

    Re : Planning Proposal 688 Pacific Highway – Comments
    1. Thank you for your memorandum dated 8 February 2016 advising the community of the
    lodgement of a Planning proposal for land at 688 Pacific Highway in Chatswood, seeking a larger development on the site than is currently permitted under Willough by LEP 2012. I note that further notification seeking submissions would occur should Counci l determine to continue the process.
    2. The purpose of this letter is to notify you of our immediate co ncerns and objections to any
    prospective increase in building height or perm issible floo r space which might increase the habitation density of the site.
    3. Our chief concerns are:i. the additional burden placed on the existing community green space that would result from such an increase thereby aggravating further the shortage of community green space in the area essential for urban living harmony and amenity,ii. the increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic accessing and egressing the space adjacent to a complex traffic interchange serving the Chatswood Primary School, and the junction of Pacific Highway and Victoria Road thereby:
    a. slowing through traffic along Pacific Highway which contributes to driver rage,
    b. aggravating the associated risks to pedestria ns and very young children in particular,
    and iii. the infringement of property rights (amenity) of owners of adjacent properties on the Eastern side of Pacific Highway.
    4. We request Council oppose the proposa l for height or floor space increase beyond the present planning limits.
    5. Instead we would invite the Council to consider rezoning the space as community green parkland to be integrated with the existing adjacent Slessor Park to cope with t he very large increase in urban habitation which has resulted from the 5 additional residential towers in the vicinity.

    K ndest regards,

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