Chatswood Interchange

A local resident has made the following observations:

Re Sydney metro: I have made submissions on the trams (light rail) in the Sydney CBD. Their answers have been a total avoidance of my questions. Mostly my queries have been through my local Member Gladys Berejiklian to the Minister for Transport.  Not made public is the fact that only 25% of passengers will get a seat, as opposed to buses where 75% have a seat. With 75% standing, there will be a lot of injuries in an emergency stop or a collision. For the infirm, so many standing is really unacceptable.

The Sydney Metro has similar seating, with only 25% seated. For the NW Metro, journeys of over an hour will be common. It’s too late to change this, but putting in a different rail system from the rest of the rail network is about a sensible as the decision years ago to have different rail gauges in each State. We haven’t learnt a thing since.

Recently, I have had discussions with Willoughby Council and State Transport about the lack of a directory board at the Chatswood Interchange for the different bus routes leaving there. Both have denied responsibility for providing such a display. Transport advised that work will be done on the Interchange at some point in the future, but the nature of the work was not specified. In other words, a non-answer.

Each bus stand has a timetable displayed for buses leaving from there, but there is no overall display advising where each bus stand is located. The black columns in the area point to Bus Stand A, B, etc. but do not advise where the bus to, say, Manly leaves from.  Some stands are in the area adjacent to the rail station, but others are on Victoria Avenue, between the rail and Pacific Highway. I have had to wander from bus stand to bus stand trying to find the correct one. I have tried to find a bus driver to ask but this is often difficult.

A comparison can be made with the Interchange at Bondi Junction. It is totally under cover, has lots of seats and a very good overhead board advising which bus leaves from which door and the time of the next bus.

Perhaps this subject can be discussed at a future meeting.

I guess I had better join if I keep sending notes like this one to West Ward association.




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