Councils Comparision

This table has been summarised from DRAFT Submissions on amalgamation by the Willoughby Federation of Progress Associations and the North Sydney Joint Precinct Committee:


Rates $829 p.a $513 p.a
Population 71,000 74,000
Density 33 per hectare 68 per hectare
Length roads 211 kms 152 kms
Wards 4 4/3
Councilors 12 12/9
Mayor Popularly elected Popularly elected
Community Representation  9 x Independent Progress Associations 17 x Council Funded Precinct Committees
Community Peak Body Federation of PAs Joint Precinct Committee
Financial advantages Yes No
Debt $40M Nil
Cash on hand $0 $103M
Infrastructure backlog 6% 4%
Community of interest Shared Shared
Historic & Traditional Values Shared Shared
Attitude of Associations Cautious acceptance Against
Attitude of vocal groups Low key Against
Attitude of residents Ambivalent Ambivalent
Councilor qualifications (Pre-election training?)
Full or Part-time Councilors Part-time
Election of Mayor Popularly-elected (Popularly-elected)
Location of offices Central
Wards? (How many) At least 4 Wards
Councilors per ward 3
Total Councilors 12
Libraries 7 1
Rubbish Collections 4 26
E=restore levy Yes No
Garbage Weekly Weekly
Green waste Unrestricted fortnightly Weekly restricted
Verges Owner’s responsibility Mown by Council
Boundary changes Include all of St Leonards
Name of new Council Lower North Shore Council

Cammeraygal Council

Northern Shore Council



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