Metro Construction Chatswood

SydneyMetroConstructionThe Sydney Metro people have been invited to address the Progress Association, but they have declined. We will continue to pursue them. Below are some of the questions that residents have posed. If you have other questions, please post them as comments.

A northern dive site used to launch TBMs is proposed for Chatswood and would be located south of Chatswood Station and north of Mowbray Road: The constuction site appears to extend from Mowbray Rd,Pacific Highway, Nelson St and The rail corridor. This means that residents surrounding this area will be negatively impacted during construction.

  • What will be the construction hours?
  • How long will construction continue for?
  • What will be the main access to the site?
  • What steps will be taken to protect the heritage item on Mowbray Rd – the former Mowbray House School building?

Subject to industry consultation, it is proposed that two TBMs would be launched from this main construction site which would border the Pacific Highway, Mowbray Road and Nelson Street:

  • How will the spill be removed?
  • What hours?
  • How ill residents be protected?

Other works proposed at this site include: „ Around 250 metres of new corridor works between Chatswood Station and the dive site „

  • How long will this construction take?
  • What hours?
  • Is this at same time or before/after other works?

Road works at the intersection of Pacific Highway and Mowbray Road (Chatswood) to provide new double right-turn lanes from Pacific Highway southbound into Mowbray Road

  • Has the RMS agreed to these changes?
  • Exactly where are these lanes? Is this for traffic coming from Chatswood to turn into Mowbray Rd West?
  • How will motorists heading east on Mowbray Rd West access the Pacific Highway to go to the city? Will there be a right-hand turn at the Highway or will they have to go by Artarmon and St Leonards?

Westbound „ Permanent closure of the road bridge at Nelson Street, Chatswood

  • Why does bridge have to be closed?

Realignment of the T1 North Shore Line within the existing rail corridor between Chatswood Station and Brand Street, Artarmon „

  • How long will this construction take?
  • What hours?
  • Is this at same time or before/after other works?

Construction of a new rail bridge for a section of the northbound track to pass over the proposed metro northern dive structure „

  • Where will this be located?

Removal of the existing Sydney Trains maintenance access point from Hopetoun Avenue, Chatswood . New rail corridor access point from Brand Street, Artarmon.


Are there any property acquisitions proposed in the Chatswood/Artarmon area?


3 thoughts on “Metro Construction Chatswood

  1. Please enlighten me about the following:
    **This is a listing of questions with no answers. When will answers be provided to residents who “will be negatively impacted”?
    Will answers be provided at the presentation scheduled before the EIS goes on public exhibition in mid-2016, when Metro builders will provide information on how the project proposes to manage dive construction locally?
    **Who are the stakeholders who can make formal submissions to the Dept of Planning and Environment during the EIS exhibition in mid-2016?
    Terry Fogarty’s posting says that the construction site and dive site is “subject to industry consultation”. Can residents made a formal submission to the Dept of Planning and Environment?

  2. To clarify the question posed relating to removal of Nelson Street Bridge, please add a new question:
    Can traffic lights be installed at intersection Nelson St/Pacific Hwy so that tradesmen, with a heavy load, can get access to Nelson Street residences from Pacific Hwy, without doing a long loop through a congested Chatswood CBD?

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