Beaconsfield Lights

NoRighTurnAt a recent meeting of the Willoughby Traffic Committee the issue of changes to the Beaconsfield lights we rejected by the RMS with the matter being referred to Lane Cove Council who have a veto on any changes being made.

The reason the lights were put on the Agenda of the meeting was that Lane Cove Council had previously decided not to concur with any changes.

The most recent proposal was a compromise that would allow a right teurn from Beaconsfield without a thru traffic movement into Ralston.

Many Willoughby residents are disgusted with the RMS’s approach to this matter and will re-group to consider possible next steps.


2 thoughts on “Beaconsfield Lights

  1. From a resident:

    ust want to raise my frustration with the Beaconsfield Road light situation. It seems to be taking a back seat. In fact the commentary seems to have reverted back to LC council’s position not changing. Previously I noted this was going to be discussed with the RMS. Did this happen? If it did do you happen to know the outcome? In general what’s your take on this, has it been left to alone in the hope the issue will just go away?

    I’m a Coolaroo Road resident and the amount of traffic we’re experiencing is intolerable. Traffic is regularly backed up down the road in the morning.

    I should also add this is further compounded by drivers who live in the massive apartment complex on Centennial Ave coming down Greenlands, then turning into Coolaroo to do a u turn because they’re unable to turn right out of their parking lot.

    The number of people doing this increases by the week. I’m particularly sensitive to this as it’s my driveway where the u turns are being made.

    When you combine the increased levels of traffic and people doing u turns you end up with a dangerous mix. It’s only a matter if time until there’s a smash.

    • We share your frustration with the lack of appropriate resolution of this matter.

      As you say, RMS referred this matter back to Lane Cove Council on the basis that Lane Cove needed to agree with the proposal or else nothing would happen. Talk about buck passing.

      In the ‘old days’, local Councils had control over traffic matters. It was because Lane Cove Council closed off access to many of its local street to traffic that the then DMR/RTA withdrew delegation from Councils.

      As far back as when Pat Reilly was alive (and I was on Council) we met with the Mayor of Lane Cove who promised to ‘look into the matter”.

      I am not sure what specific actions our current Councillors have take, whatever they have been they have been ineffectual.

      I am copying Craig Campbell who has been advocating for resolution. Willoughby Council’s former Director of Infrastructure Services, Stephen Head left Council to take a senior position with RMS. When he was at Council he was pushing RMS to get the lights installed. It might be worth while trying to get him onside.

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