Fullers Childcare

34FullersA Development Application (DA2015/545) has been lodged fora 115 Place Child Care Centre in a new 4 level building at 34 Fullers Road. Chatswood (currently a B&B). There will be direct entry & exit on to Fullers Road (but with left turn in & out only).

Residents fear that this development has the potential to undo some of the traffic safety improvements on Fullers Road seen in the last two years, due to increasing traffic, inhibiting traffic flow & the temptation for vehicles to enter & exit the private driveway across the central median line markings of Fullers Road. There are other concerns with a development of this size on Fullers Road.

The nearby 41 places Kookaburra Childcare Centre is also proposing to expand. Their pre-DA discussions with Council are for an extension to our Centre to 60 places.


At a recent Progress Association meeting when this issue was briefly considered ait appeared that there was general unrest about the proposal.

The application is currently being considered by Council Officers and will come to Council, at which time there will the opportunity to address Council if necessary after a review of the Officer’s Report and Recommendation.


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