688-692 Pacific Hwy again

Hi to all,

I have just received from Council official notification of the second  Development Application for 688-690 Pacific Highway, which they are forwarding to the Joint Regional Planning Panel.

Note the it is not being considered by Council but by the JRPP.

Any person can seek to make a submission to appear before the JRPP.

I am hoping others of you will seek to do this apart from myself.

I note the following:

The application is available for inspection until the above closing date.  If you would like to make a comment on the proposal, it must be made in writing and must be received at Council by the closing date.  If you do wish to comment on the proposal an information sheet is attached to assist you.

The application will be reported to the JRPP for determination.  This meeting is open to the public and you are able to appear before the Panel to state your case for or against the development.

I will be visiting Council this week to look at the actual application as the details are not available online.

I will write again after seeing the plans and seek to summarise these.

As others have noted, it is common practice for developers to gain an achievable development approval in order to onsell land to another developer, who then increase height claiming their purchase would otherwise be unviable.

56 units in 6 storeys must mean it is extensive.

This application is thankfully not 13-15 storeys any more, however current buildings on this site are 2 storeys and would seem to be about as tall as any of us would wish a new building to be on this site.

A development such as this:

  • exceeds the current LEP (Council regulations (LEP 2012) sets a maximum height of 18 meters, around 4 storeys, for this area). To date Council has prevented the encroachment of Chatswood’s CBD high-rise to the west of the Pacific Highway)
  • blocks use by the Department of Education unless they were to purchase now
  • presents extensive and intractable traffic issues
  • continues the lack of transparency regarding the involvement of previous officers of the Council (General Manager and Planning Officer) as employees of the developer Aqualand.

…and more



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