DA 2016/394 130-138 Archer St Roseville

132-138-archerThis site falls within the Middle Harbour Council Ward and the West Ward Progress association. It is a DA according to the council website.  The Willoughby LEP has the area bounded by Boundary/Archer / William/Railway line as zoned R3.
The DA refers to the site being zoned “R3 Medium Density Residential zone”

According to the DA the aplicant claims that the variations to the zoning requested: are reasonable variations to the following development standards:

– Building height (maximum 13.3%),
– FSR (4.4%); and
– Minimum lot size (12.5%).

The variations are in response to site specific constraints and will not create any unreasonable environmental impacts on the surrounding area.

The DA is proposing a height of 13.6 meters instead of 12 m per zoning.

Once you accept the terms and conditions and click on the documents tab, details of the application can be found here: https://eplanning.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/Pages/XC.Track/SearchApplication.aspx?id=459938

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