Council fails with Currey Park

curreypark2The following comments from a nearby resident may indicate that as Council has previously stated, they are too busy thinking about amalgamation to respond to resident’s reasonable requests. Also, it is concerning that it appears that our Ward Councillors are not on top of this issue.

“Can Council please advise on the following outstanding issues with regards to the Council Albert St carpark renovations, which included chopping down 10 trees in Currey Park and its subsequent consequences. Some of the issue have been outstanding for a long time.

  1. Councillor Saville’s query of 25 October 2016 regarding a green screen – see email below.
  2. Timing to replace the 2 trees that were removed by Council workers on 17 Nov 2016. Also, can the trees be of larger size then the previous trees, and capable of growing to at least 12 m as required by the DA approval condition
  3. Status of the transfer of 50 car spaces from the youth centre precinct. This query was asked of Council in October 2015
If Council is unsure of the details regarding any of the queries, please ask and details will be provided.
Even though much time has passed, the residents would appreciate a response from Council. After all, Council’s purpose is to serve its residents.”

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