Scientology “creep”


The Church of Scientology at 126scientologyjan17 Greville Street is trying to “creep” their hours of operation. Their approved hours of operation are 8:30AM to 8:30PM, 7 days a week with premises to be vacated by 9:30PM.

There has been numerous complaints about late might noise as parisioners leave well after approved hours.

The Church now is requesting the hours of operation of the ’business premises’ and ’place of public worship’ are restricted to 7.45am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week. Except for security staff and/or cleaners, all staff, parishioners and visitors shall: – vacate the premises via Greville Street no later than 1 O.OOpm to 10.30pm. – vacate the premises via Millwood Avenue no later than 11.45pm. Parishioners typically do their theological studies throughout the day in study periods of 2.5 hours. On Sunday mornings, those already on site attend a one hour service in the Chapel which takes place within the standard hours of hours of operation.

Full details are available on the Council Website.

READ ABOUT what is now proposed

Based on prior feedback CWWPA will lodge an objection to the proposed extension of operating hours.



2 thoughts on “Scientology “creep”

  1. Comment by a local resident>

    “The ANZO Dundas Bus is 12.5 m long. 25 Millwood Avenue, BUS STATION OPENED ON WEDNESDAY. Theoretically there is room for two buses one being a government Bus.

    I inspected the Application DA- 2014/430/D Proposal to amend Section 87 Complying Development Certificate with WCC assessment fee paid of $7795.06 and modify s96 Condition no .70 – hours of operation.

    Church basically says to Council via Tim Blythe at Urbis [Email: ] We have spent millions on this HQ. We are well behaved not disturbing the peace. We agree to a 12 month review with WCC. Please extend our seven day a week occupancy from 8.30am to 10.30pm with staff and cleaners all off site by 11.45PM

    HQ offers: Email:

    Closing Date: Comments to WCC before 30 January, 2017

    Personally the original hours seemed correct being in line with TAFE BUT they have never adhered to them.”

  2. In regard to the proposed s.96 Modification of hours of operation, the Chatswood West Ward Progress Association on behalf of its members and local residents must lodge specific objection to the proposal.

    Since the Centre opened, there have been numerous complaints by nearby residents directed to us about noise and disturbance after the approved hours of operation. The church and its parishioners have shown scant regard fo their promised community sensitivity.

    Extending the hours of operation is likely to result in further disruption and disturbance in the area at a later hour of the day. Hence our objection.

    We strenuously object to it until such time as the facility can demonstrate a respectable track record of compliance with the original plan. Why should they be rewarded for breaking the rules?

    Terry Fogarty
    Chatswood West Ward Progress Association
    0477 299 763

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