Chatswood Public School

Following overwhelming local opposition to the initial proposal in 2016 by Aqualand Pty Ltd for the construction of high rise towers adjacent to Chatswood Public School and representations by the community to local MP Hon Gladys Berejiklian and Willoughby Council, the developer submitted revised plans for a 6 storey structure, again exceeding planning controls. 
Last week the Shadow Minister or Education Mr Jihad Dib (an ex public high school Principal) accompanied David Grover and Jenny Lee to see first-hand, Chatswood Public School’s chronic overcrowding and offered support for the community in seeking purchase of the land for the school. At present CPS students must cross Centennial Rd daily for lessons in the six demountables constructed in the grounds of the high school, itself at capacity.
On the first day of school for 2017, the State Opposition Leader Luke Foley with the Shadow Education Minister, held a press conference, before an audience of media and interested parents and challenged the Government to address overcrowding by purchasing the adjoining land, owned by Aqualand Developments. The issue featured in multiple media stories throughout the next two days.
It seems obvious and incontestable that the long term solution to the educational needs of students at Chatswood Public School and Chatswood High School is the acquisition by the NSW Government of this land for education – a new school building accompanied by open space.
David Grover
0404 556 339

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