Mowbray School Floodlights




6 February, 2017

Dear Resident

 RE: Mowbray Public School Oval – proposed floodlights

Council is notifying residents on the proposal to install floodlights on the sportsground at Mowbray Public School. The oval is currently unlit, and is used for weekday sports training and weekend competitions for soccer (winter) and cricket (summer).

The proposed floodlights will be subject to a Development Application (DA), as per the usual statutory process.  Feedback from the local community will assist the preparation of the Statement of Environment Effects for the DA.  Further community comment can be provided in the DA notification phase.

The attached lighting plan above shows the proposed light locations:

  • 5 galvanised silver light poles , 18 metres high
  • Lighting level to be 100 lux, switchable to 200 lux as per the recommended Illumination, Australian Standard 2560.2.3-2007 Part 2.3 Lighting for football (all codes).
  • Times of use – weekday nights, sunset to 9pm. Special school events on weekends, up to 9pm.

Your preliminary comments on this proposal will be appreciated by Monday 20 February 2017 and can be sent to:

  1. Willoughby City Council PO Box 57, Chatswood NSW 2057, or

Enquiries: Julie Whitfield ph 9777 7751



MOWBRAY PUBLIC SCHOOL OVAL – corner of Mowbray Road and Hatfield Street,

Lane Cove West

Proposal for floodlights






Lighting proposal:

  • 5 x 18 metre high light poles, galvanised silver
  • Light level for football – 100 lux, switchable to 200 lux
  • Times of use – weekday nights, sunset to 9pm. Special school events on weekends, up to 9pm.

2 thoughts on “Mowbray School Floodlights

  1. We have received the following letter objecting to the proposed lights:

    As discussed below is a summary of the community objections to floodlighting Mowbray Oval, plus a link to the petition:

    o Parking: there is no off street parking. Currently Ulm and surrounding streets are overcrowded at school pick up times and when sports matches or training is on. This will increase as the school doubles in size. Local floodlit ovals (Artarmon and Blackman Park) both have extensive off street parking and no residential housing around their perimeters.

    o Security: Mowbray is a school oval first and foremost that’s also used by Council for sports. By extending the hours of use until after 9pm it is opening up to a host of issues including managing security of the school grounds and rubbish clearance in time for each school day.

    o Residential impact: the glow from the proposed 18 metre oval lights will illuminate the backyards on the south side of Ulm Street, whose back fences share a common border with the school oval. This has a direct impact on residents with young families, or elderly residents disturbed by light. Council have not proposed any Light Impact statement.

    o Community open space: Mowbray Oval was saved from potential redevelopment for the new school build, in part to protect one of the few precious open space within the fast growing community. Single residence housing has been replaced with hundreds of units along and behind Mowbray Road. Extended sporting hours of use until after dark, summer and winter, will severely restrict community access.

    o Noise: adult sports matches, particularly soccer, is noisy and verbally aggressive. Every word, call and comment can be heard clearly from Ulm Street backyards. Increasing hours of play effectively means an extended curfew for all noise every evening.

    o Oval surface: The oval struggles towards the end of each soccer and cricket season, becoming bare and consequently muddy very quickly. Extended use by high impact winter sports will wear the grass out quickly, impacting directly on the school’s own daily use of the oval.

  2. An additional request:

    I am a resident of Ulm Street, Lane Cove North. Our community is extremely concerned about the negative impact of the proposed floodlights for Mowbray Oval.

    I understand you are not the Open Space Coordinator. However can you please advise me if residents on the Lane Cove side of Mowbray Road were notified of the proposed lights. They utilise the oval as their parkland/open space, particularly since the proliferation of unit developments.

    Their negative impact on the residential and school community can’t be overstated. Ulm Street back fences share a boundary with Mowbray Oval. We feel very strongly about it and have started a community petition. We have also presented to the school P&C and also School Council.

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