Parking across driveways

You may recall that via the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations we have been agitating for a resolution to the problem of people parking across a driveway in such a way that the residents  cannot get out. This has been particularly problematic near schools, sports venues and other locations.

Follow the link below to read the Council’s response. The Federation will continue to pursue an appropriate resolution.




One thought on “Parking across driveways

  1. The following perspective has been provided by the Federation of Willoughby Progress Associations

    “I think the power he is referring to that power that is specifically referred to in our issues paper that can only be used to tow cars blocking traffic and not in the circumstances we are raising, or can only be used after a lengthy notice period. I understand that Council also don’t like to use towing powers because the owner may claim they have damaged the car in the process and they would be liable. Altogether unsatisfactory. Hopefully the State Govt sees the benefit of rectifying all these issues by changing the legislation for the benefit of residents across the State”.

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