Chatswood Public School


Many of you have asked to be notified when the campaign opposing excessive development of 688-690 Pacific Highway and associated overcrowding issues at Chatswood Public School.

Chatswood Public School P&C parents will be presenting to Willoughby Council this Monday night 27th February at 7pm.

Parents at the school would love to see people support them at the meeting as Councillor Lynne Saville will be putting forward the following motion to Council on their behalf:

Motion: Re Chatswood Public School

That Willoughby City Council makes representations to our local MP, Ms Gladys Berejiklian, the Premier of NSW, the Minister for Education, Mr. R. Stokes, Minister for Planning and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Foley with regards to:

  1. a) serious over-crowding at Chatswood Public School, and anticipated future population increases which will put further pressure on the school
  1. b) to address the urgent need to accommodate more students at local public schools in Chatswood
  2. c) investigating options for increasing the capacity of its education facilities including the provision of additional land and facilities

More information can be found on the Chatswood Public P&C webpage

“Next we will be producing a petition and a form letter to send to the Department of Education culminating in our meeting with the NSW State Premier, the Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP on Friday 10th March.  Please feel free to send your own letter to the Department of Education as every letter received will have an acknowledgement letter.  Then a soft copy of this letter could also be emailed on to other parties including our local member, councillors, etc.  Feel free to email me (email below) for full list!

Department of Education, Ministerial Office, The Hon. Rob Stokes MP. GPO Box 5341,SYDNEY NSW 2001

Forecast growth of our school exceeds the capacity of our buildings and facilities.  The Department of Education recently ceased all discussions of increasing capacity for our school, and instead proposes to “fix” overcrowding by “adjusting catchment boundaries”.  Their proposal does not account for the fact that most of our students walk from medium and highrise apartments in the immediate neighbourhood of the school and will continue to do so even as new residential developments come online, opening another 600 new local apartments by 2019.”



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