Metro update

MetroSouthDemolition of buildings at key sites is currently being prepared.  This includes the Chatswood Dive Site (old Ausgrid Site at the corner of Mowbray Rd and the Pacific Highway).  Current plan is to commence demolition around mid-May at key locations where new stations (& the Chatswood Dive Site) are to be located.

Underground utility is being located as geotech investigations continue along the Metro route.

Feedback about heritage issues are now being collated; and an “Unexpected Finds Plan” is nearing completion

The heritage team is recording all ‘salvageable items’, including movable heritage item such as a steam carpet cleaner.  Other items being archived include entire ‘art deco’ items from old buildings being demolished to accommodate the new stations.  An exhibition of these items are currently being considered.

Sustainability issues are being addressed through the listing of initiatives that account for Climate Change, resource management, people and communities.  Some initiatives of interest include the following:

□             All underground stations will aim to achieve 5 star Green Star rating.

□             100% reuse of spoil

□             33% of water will be from reusable sources

□             95% of construction waste will be reused

□             Affordable housing being considered particularly over new stations

□             TfNSW will be working with the City of Sydney to rehouse the homeless

Officers from Willoughby Council recently attended a meeting (2 May) and raised the issue of our community’s concerns about noise and dust when work begins at the Chatswood Dive Site and conveyed the request that Willoughby is still waiting for a response regarding the setting up of a community liaison group so that Willoughby’s community will be able to provide feedback on the effectiveness of TfNSW’s noise and dust mitigation initiatives.  A response to that request is still being considered by TfNSW.



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