Clrs. cry poor

Paucity of achievement perhaps?

Crying dollarsWilloughby Councilors are in a tizz. The Local Government Renumeration Tribunal has advised them that their pay will be cut by around 20% per annum.

Willoughby has been reclassified as a ‘small’ city. The classification is based on the size of the population, total revenue and the provision of regional services.

Many Councillors have stated that ‘we do not do it for the money’, yet the decision to protest the cuts to the State Government was unanimous.

Let’s hope we do not see Councilors approving more development applications that increase population and generate revenue.

The aspect of providing regional services is interesting, Willoughby certainly get a tick for health (RNSH), retail and cultural facilities (The Concourse). However, these were achievements of previous Councils, not his one. The current Council, in its unique wisdom, decided to depart from one of the most successful Council collaboration initiatives on the North Shore – the Shorelink library network.

When council amalgamations were announced, Willoughby Council was advised that it did not meet the scale criteria, so there should be no surprise that it has been judged wanting on a number of fronts.

However, there are other disappointing aspects of this Council’s performance. Attendance at Council meetings:

Over the past two years, one Councilor has skipped 52% of meetings; two have skipped 30% and two have skipped 27%; 25% one and  23% one. There are 12 Councilors, six of them have skipped over 20% of meetings. Looks like everyone will pay for the ‘sins’ of some.

The Mayor on the other hand has attended every meeting (as well has hundreds of community events). Unfortunately, she is hit the hardest by the pay cuts.

In West Ward, we have been particularly underrepresented at meetings. Clr Saville has only missed 2 meetings. Our other representatives missed 52% and 27%.

You can access the Councillor Attendance Registers HERE


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