Reddy Go bicycles

reddygo1Reddy Go bicycles have come to Chatswood. Reddy Go bikes have been placed around Chatswood Station. Using a phone app you can unlock a bike, don a helmet and ride away on it for $1.99 per 1/2 hour. When you finished your ride, simply leave the bike where it is.


Reddy Go bikes at Chatswood Station

For many there was advocacy that Council set up a scheme like this. It will be interesting to see if this scheme is successful. Some of the problems the operator may have to overcome are:

  • theft of helmets that are not secured to bik
  • costs of picking bikes up from remote locations such as at the bottoms of steep hills
  • new regulations about the use of Council installed bike racks. Already the Reddy Go bikes seem to be taking over existing bike racks
  • there was a report that the app is a bit clunky, particularly when it come to locking the bike after use. This could have an impact on how much you are charged.

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