Reddy Go bicycles

reddygo1Reddy Go bicycles have come to Chatswood. Reddy Go bikes have been placed around Chatswood Station. Using a phone app you can unlock a bike, don a helmet and ride away on it for $1.99 per 1/2 hour. When you finished your ride, simply leave the bike where it is.


Reddy Go bikes at Chatswood Station

For many there was advocacy that Council set up a scheme like this. It will be interesting to see if this scheme is successful. Some of the problems the operator may have to overcome are:

  • theft of helmets that are not secured to bik
  • costs of picking bikes up from remote locations such as at the bottoms of steep hills
  • new regulations about the use of Council installed bike racks. Already the Reddy Go bikes seem to be taking over existing bike racks
  • there was a report that the app is a bit clunky, particularly when it come to locking the bike after use. This could have an impact on how much you are charged.

2 thoughts on “Reddy Go bicycles

  1. Hired one of the bikes today from Chatswood Station. Pretty simple process. Just scan the bike code using the Reddy Go app to unlock the bike and helmet.There seems to be a promotion on. I received $4.00 credit.

    The ride was interesting. Steering was very touchy. Whilst there are three gears the lowest was not that low. I wouldn’t be able to copy with much of a hill. Brakes seemed fine and there was a bell and automatic headlight. Plus a small basket up front.

    When I finished, I locked the helmet on and then locked the bike. Was not sure where to leave iy. On the footpath? Parked in street?

    My 7 min ride cost $2. I had 23 min left for my %2.00.

    Not sure about the helmets. If they are not locked on can the be stolen? Quality of build seemed OK Hard rubber tyres but will be interest to see the condition of the fleet in a few months.

    While I was unlocking the bike, a couple of people came up as were asking howit all works.


  2. The morning after ‘renting’ this bike I received an alert from Google that an app that they did not trust had tried to access my account. I cannot be certain but the timing seemed to be when I used the ReddyGo app.

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