Mowbray House

Mowbray House school c1950With the recent start of major works on the Metro South dive site on the corner of Mowbray Road and the Pacific Highway. concern has been expressed of the likely prospects of dmage to the heritage listed Mowbray House School building on the site.


The Heritage Plaque for the building reads:

Main House, Mowbray House School
Mowbray Road, opposite Hampdon Road, Chatswood

Mr Lance Bavin opened the Chatswood Preparatory School in 1906. In 1914 the name was changed to The School and then Mowbray House School. The Main House was built in 1906. Designed with a view to further extensions it contained various offices and function rooms, as well as a dormitory accommodating twenty-five boys. The school closed in 1954. The Electricity Commission acquired the land in 1953.

We have been repeatedly assured that the building would be preserved. However recently a plan of the site seemed to indicated that the building was slated for demolition. Willoughby Council was asked to investigate. It re-visted to conditions in the Environment Protection Assessment document which clearly shows the building is to be preserved. To clarify the situation Council moved, seconded and resolved that”

That Council Officers investigate this new information regarding risk of demolition to heritage listed Mowbray House as a matter of urgency.

That Council Officers seek further information from the Heritage consultant (AMBS) in response to questions from all Councillors.

That Council Officers write to the Premier, Minister for Transport, Leader of the Opposition and other relevant MPs to advocate for its heritage protection during and post construction.


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